It snowed yesterday. Today it is still here and not going away for a while. Way too cold to melt it as yet. It is SUPPOSED to get up to 33F, but I'm not holding my breath. It's showing snow likely thru the weekend.



Dead flamingos in the snow

Flamingo in the snow

My poor flamingos, I am going to have to get them little hats and mufflers if this keeps up.

Not much planned for this weekend. Need to do a bit of shopping, have to hit Costco at some point ans we are out of kitty crunchies and the kids will be VERY upset if we try and foist some inferior brand on them. You'd think they were spoiled or something LOL. Have to see about a big bag of AP flour so I can get more bread dough going. Baked the last loaf last night. I want to try the recipe for sandwich bread they have in the book.

TC is coming in more often. I need to get some current pics of him. When I got home yesterday he was waiting to be let out. Hubby was surprised as he hadn't realized TC had been in the house at all. My best guess is he let him in thinking he was Scrapper. If you don't look too closely they look quite similar, tho Scrapper is not at all jowly (he's edited) and is much more orange. In dim light I have to look very carefully. So TC and Scrapper had been in house all day and things seemed to work out well. I've been leery of leaving TC inside while we are going for anything longer then a quick run to the store and back since I wasn't sure how he'd react to not getting let out when he wanted to. Esp since he isn't edited and I've had the fun and joy of dealing with an unedited male locked in the house who wanted out NOW a number of years ago!!!!!! I'm still trying to figure out how Obie cat managed to spray my VCR that was out of his reach on the high shelf!

Kitty cats, so much fun hehehehehehehe.
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