That went fast!

WAYYYYY to short a weekend. Didn't help I was feeling a bit blah for most of it. I was happy the sun was out and it was almost warm enough to open up the house, but I would have had to shut it up again, so left it as is.

Went to the shop to watch the race. WHOA!!!!!!!! Great race and where the heck did Kevin Harvick come from at the end. Congrats Kevin, gave us an exciting end of the race, even if none of my guys one. Oh well, there is still the cup series hehehehehe.

I must say, watching the race on a big screen HD tv has now gotten me spoiled. I want one. No place to put one, but I want one anyways hehehehehe.

Did manage to get some puttering about outside on Saturday. Got a few things that needed to go into the shed in it and finally got the hose off the ground and rolled on the holder. Having been so inactive last year thanks to the knee, I was a bit tired after only doing a little bit. I do need to get a decent garden cart. Trying to haul stuff in the wheel barrow was a pain, I finally got the containers with the tomato plants I had brought in out to the compost pile, but they were top heavy and I dumped the wheel barrow a couple of times on the way. I need a nice 4 wheeled cart for hauling stuff on.

I am starting to get ancy to get the garden in. I almost grabbed some tools to start prepping the spaces, but they are simply too muddy to even think about it. Not too mention the weather isn't going to be conducive for gardening for a while.

Sunday we got together and did a chocolate circle. Fun as usual and lots of yummy chocolate.

Made soba noodles with tofu and peanut sauce for dinner last night. Very yummy. I made the sauce with my homemade peanut butter, some Tom Yum paste and coconut milk. I had enough leftover for lunch today. Dinner tonight will be steak. Not sure what else, but I am leaning towards eggs and toast to make it a very easy and quick dinner.

Speaking of peanuts. When I hit Winco yesterday to pick stuff up, I went to get some peanuts from the bulk bins and they were empty. Not quite sure why as the notice they had up only talked about the recall of certain candies and such made with peanuts, not one word about plain old shelled ones. Even the Spanish peanut bin was empty.


Luckily I had plenty of peanut butter made and I still have a few peanuts left if I need some for a recipe, but it is a pain to have things get yanked because our government prefers to spend most of their time having people panic over non-existent threats of liquids on air planes then to actually fund and make a priority the safety of our food supply.

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