MONDAY!!! YAY!!!!!...........NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Tho for a Monday, it hasn't been too bad. It almost felt like spring this morning with the temp about 43F outside. Did coffee this morning, so that is helping make Monday not so bad.

Didn't to a whole lot this weekend. Did try out the bread recipes and YUM!!!!!!!! The book is a definite keeper, so will see about getting my own copy when I can. In the meantime I will be putting their blog on my daily foodie blog reading for any new recipes and tips they come up with.

I've a batch of the olive oil bread in the fridge and plan on pizza for dinner. Just have to pick up a few things at the store after work. Just need 'shrooms and meat toppings and maybe a bit more cheese, tho I still have plenty of goat cheeses in the fridge to give mine a bit of a different flavor twist.

A tad bit irritated. Watched the race yesterday, I'd set it up to record and added 90 minutes to the record time. We got all but the last 4 laps.


We have got to figure out how to make it get extra time when races run extra long. We were only 12 minutes behind while watching (I like delaying things so I can then zip the commericals) and when we tried to get back to live, it was all over. And not even video on of the end of the race (at least yesterday, have to check later today). We have the DVR set to have one channel in the living room and the other channel in the bedroom. I may have to make sure the races always record on channel 1 so we can add time on the fly (if it will let us when we already have the max extra time set). We'll for sure get this figured out before next weekend.

I've been enjoying my new phone. Still haven't had any calls on it, but still enjoying it LOL. I've had it on all weekend and it is only down to 4 bars on the battery from 6, so I am VERY happy.

Rented Vicky Cristina Barcelona this weekend, haven't watched it yet. Planning on it over pizza tonight.
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