Made it thru Monday

Not to badly, it was raining when I got off work.

TC surprised us by coming into the house when we invited him. TC is the semi-feral me and the neighbors have been feeding and I had brought into the house last year when the weather was so icky. He has been spending time inside next door and I guess he finally figured out that he was welcome to come in for dinner at our house. Considering how often we picked him up and brought him in he should have clued in a lot sooner LOL.

So he got dinner and lots of scritches. He's finally jumping up on the couch with us and getting comfy, tho Scrapper is NOT a happy camper about that. He and TC do square off a bit, but so far no fur has flown and no seriously harsh words have been exchanged. Mostly warning noises. After a while TC indicated he wanted to go back out, so I let him out.

Our dinner was yummy, tho I will need to work on the Olive Oil bread dough a bit. It was too wet to make proper pizza crusts and I ended up scrapping my crust off the pizza stone as it didn't go in right and putting it on a cookie sheet and reforming it. I needed to par-bake the crusts first since they were so wet. Bread flour is supposed to absorb more water, so I was surprised that it was an even looser dough then the other I made with AP flour. So I will experiment some more. Even tho it didn't turn out the way I was hoping, the flavor was still good. Just need to tweak it a bit.

Crunched my right forefinger in the mushroom slicer. I was trying to slice a slightly too big 'shroom and didn't realize my finger had slipped between the arms and I was squeezing extra hard with my left hand.


I don't think I will lose the finger nail, luckily there is only a faint bruise, but it still hurt like heck today.

I ordered one of my buttons from my shop a couple weeks back to see how they look. It came out nicely, it is one of my Uppity Fat Chick buttons and works great to pin my shawl:

Uppity Fat Chick pin

Uppity Fat Chick pin
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