Life as an eggplant

So yesterday was a seriously blech day and I couldn't quite figure out why. I'd had a very difficult time waking up and had absolutely no energy and not mental capacity to deal with life. Even after a nice big cup of coffee.

It wasn't until late afternoon I finally figured out the problem. I was an eggplant. Which is decidedly better then being a slice of toast, but not great for trying to get thru a work day. Luckily work wasn't too strenuous or else I would have been under my desk turning into a mushroom.

Now, there are times being an eggplant isn't bad, like on weekends when you don't have to be anywhere or actually do anything, but at work it is not a good thing. As I said, luckily it wasn't a strenuous day mental-wise and my co-workers understood completely (not to mention, rather amused LOL).

The only thing that was going to bring me out of the state of eggplant was chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. So we hit Winco after work and picked up some chocolate frosting, chocolate chocolate chip muffins and a carton of Tillamook triple chocolate death (something mudslide, can't remember the exact name). Also picked up a couple of packages El Monteray burritos and some sour cream for a quick dinner.

We popped in a Dr Who DVD, one of the William Hartnells we just got thru NetFlix and then dug into dinner, followed by copious amounts of chocolate and I was feeling so much better. Didn't even have to break out the chocolate death ice cream, so have that for later. Not to mention another can of chocolate fudge frosting for emergencies. I do have a chocolate muffin in my lunch bag, so I am all set.

Crawled off to bed about 9pm in a chocolate coma and got some sleep. Still had a heck of a time waking up and watching the making of Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire" in my dream was most interesting. Hubby made a custom wake up CD for the alarm clock/CD/radio so we have some high energy wake up music. The video in my dream really didn't have much to do with the actual music video, but I came up with some great alternative imagery tho.

But at least today I am not an eggplant.

So now to finish getting thru today and am looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow night is the Budweiser Shootout and I am SOOOO looking forward to it as it means the official start of NASCAR season is a week away. We are going to lay in pizza and pop and have a nice evening watching the shootout.

Sunday is the chocolate rit, I'm not sure about the rest of the coven, but I seriously am in need of it. I've decided that February is the month I hate the most. It is usually dark and dreary and for a short month, drags on and on and on.

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