Blogfest '09

So today was Blogfest '09 for Huckleberries Online. The hubby and I drove up with Digger and it was great seeing people I met last year and the folk who are new on the blog. I think the highlight was Trish Gannon showing up in the infamous condom dress. It was GREAT!

Blogfest was held at Moon Dollars in Post Falls and the pizza was seriously to die for. Sorry for no pics, by the time I thought of getting a pic, the slice was gone from my plate LOL. I guess we'll have to stop in next time up there and make sure I get pictures.

Speaking of pics, I also got some video of the awards ceremony and as soon as I get that downloaded and processed will get it posted on YouTube and then on my blog.

Oh, forgot to mention, I got the farther traveled to the blogfest award simply because I live about 4.5 miles south of Digger LOL

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