YAY! Friday!!!!!

So the thaw continues, I can see most of my lawn this morning. We stopped to get pictures of the river on the way to work and discovered we have an ice jam in the making:



On the west side of the bridge, the water is still rising:



Sun is shining today, but it is quite cold, currently about 33F right now. At least the wind has stopped blowing or else it would be seriously miserable out there.

We are hoping to make a run to Lewiston this weekend sometime. I am out of Kirkland brand of kitty crunchies and kitties are going to be very cranky if I have to feed them something else. They are very picky. I also have some other things I need to get, least of which is more goat cheese. I am out of the creamy cheese and running very low on the other.

Not many plans for this weekend, outside of a recycling run and taking the tree in to the drop off. If it is nice enough I may see about getting a bit of outside work done.

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