It is snowing again. Big fat, fluffy flakes.


And I want to know what idiot decided Palouse River Speedway had to be only a single lane wide? As we were coming in to work, the vehicle coming towards us had to turn into a drive way so we and the 3 cars behind us could get thru since there was no room at all. At least our chunk of road was plowed this morning (tho a bit messing in a couple spots).

So the university is open again and getting back into the work routine is going to be hard. I liked sleeping in until 10-11am and then puttering about. Oh well, the kitties love having food in their dishes and a roof over their head, so back to work I go.

Finished up the photo designs for my shop and got them uploaded and put on products. Since I have so many designs I then burned my originals onto a DVD for archiving. Now I don't have to hunt thru a ton of designs when uploading any new ones I come up with in the coming weeks or so.

The pork roast I did on Sunday came out wonderfully well. I made a thicker gravy with the gravy I'd made (I am getting so much netter making a successful roux) and then sliced some of the roast. Hubby had managed to get out yesterday afternoon, so he picked up some artisan breads at Safeway, so for dinner I made him sliced pork sandwiches with fries and pork gravy on the side. Me, I had open faced hot pork sandwiches. Extremely YUM!!!!!! No pics, sorry, was too hungry to grab the camera LOL. Still have some sliced pork and gravy, so that may be my lunch tomorrow. I'll cut up the rest of the roast and get it packaged for the freezer.

While at Safeway hubby saw a package of pork loin ribs cut into chops on sale for about $1.30 a pound. SO he grabbed one. I'll get that repackaged tonight. May cook a couple of them up, tho I'm not sure I want pork 2 nights in a row. May look at heating up some beer battered fish fillets we have in the freezer and do fish and chips.

My turkey stock came out fine, I'll get that packaged for the freezer tonight also. I did get a goodly amount of meat of the carcass so that is in the deep freeze awaiting future dishes.

Oh goody, the snow flakes are getting smaller.
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