'tis Friday and it is sunny!!!!!

So I am calling the thin soup for breakfast a success, I've been able to have a cup of soup in the morning with no ill effects. So this Sunday I will thaw out some turkey stock and make up a different soup for next week. I have some zucchini and squash that I dehydrated previously and I am currently dehydrating the stocks off some of the broccoli I got for dinner last night, so I will powder all that to add some extra "umph" to the soup.

Speaking of dinner, last night I fried up a couple of pork loin chops and then sauteed some sliced criminis and steamed broccoli:

Pork loin chop with sauteed crimini mushrooms, mushroom gravy and steamed broccoli

No big plans for the weekend, just puttering about. With luck it will be warm enough I can get out and clean up the deck a bit more.
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