New from Purple Ducky Designs

So I finished up the two anti-Valentine designs and decided I want to start designing specifically for the holidays, so whipped out a quick regular Valentine's design.

So for those who are into Valentine's Day:

Be Mine


And for those who aren't:

Love Hurts


Good Grouping


I'll be adding more as I come up with them and then I will start adding for the other holidays.

In other news, since I am starting to do a lot of my own art work, I am looking into getting a graphics tablet so I can draw on the computer. Doing it using the track ball mouse is pretty tricky and I am much better if I could use a pen. I don't want to waste dead trees, so I'd rather not draw on paper and then scan it in and try and work that way. So the hubby is researching tablets for me, tho it looks like we'll probably be getting a Wacom Bamboo Fun since there is Linux support for it.

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