Okay, who ordered the snow so I can beat them silly?

At least it has stopped (more or less) for now, but it is getting a bit much.

Here are my lawn flamingos on the lawn on Saturday:




And here they are this morning:



Flamingos in the snow

So I now have my Charlie Brown Christmas tree for this year. We popped out to Potlatch to the boy scout lot. Which was in a new location this year. At first we thought they had closed up shop, but on the way back to Moscow saw they had a new place. We stopped and discovered no one around. So I picked a perfect tree and we left a check for it in an envelop and slid it thru the door of the business they were in front of.

Loaded it up on the car and headed home. It had started snowing again and the roads were not as clear as they could be:


The blowing snow made it fun. But the snow build up on the cuts was really neat:


Got home and headed out to the shed to get the tree stand and this is what I saw:


I had to shovel my way into the shed, it was a bit deep out there:


But the tree is now up, I will get some photos of it later. I still have a bit of decorating to do and then I will be done.

We had a lovely Yule/Solstice on Saturday. Had it in the afternoon as one member had choir that evening. No real plans for the holidays. I get the 25th thru the 4th off. I think I will probably just putter about and work on lots more new designs for my shop and get the video for the VFET finished and uploaded. I am also seriously behind on my vlogging and cooking videos.

A bit of sad news this weekend. I awoke yesterday to discover one of my goldfish had died. It was the one with the longest and prettiest tale. He hadn't been looking too good on Saturday night, tho he did eat. I have to look up and see if he had anything I need to worry about in the other two. I looked up ick, but that didn't seem to be what he had. The other two seem to be doing fine, but I am going to keep a close eye on them.

Phoebe is seriously bent out of shape over the snow. I think she is taking it personally LOL. I may have to toss her in a snow bank and see if she can teleport SNERK! Scrapper went out this morning, but came back in a couple minutes later, he is definitely preferring to stay inside all he can. Rum Tum is in heaven of course. I do need to get some pics and more vid of him playing with snow balls.

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