Even tho it isn't payday, it is a good day. While a bit chilly out, it isn't precipitating, so I am happy.

Added a new section to my shop where I am featuring my foodie photos. I've a few photos up on mugs, mousepads, cards and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'll be adding more once I go thru my files to see what else I have.

Need to start decorating the house for the holidays. I have absolutely no clue where I am going to put a tree. Since we have the hide-a-bed couch and the fish tank, there is no place I can really put one since I can't move those pieces. I may have to take the kitty condo out and stash it on the porch and put a tree in that space. If I do I have to decide if I am going to get a small tree and then have it on the condo base, or just take the whole thing out and get a big tree. We'll see.

I also need to get some small Santa hats and some mufflers, I think the flamingos outside need to get some festive holiday gear, esp the dead flamingos LOL
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