For snow that is. They are predicting quite a bit of it this weekend, followed by very low temps.


Got the one kitchen window sealed up and we'll hit TriState to pick up shrink wrap for the other kitchen window and the bedroom window. I've re-sent the weekday temps to 60F, since hubby is usually in his office where it stays warm thanks to the computers, plus he can handle colder temps so it won't bother him. Since I don't have any plants in the house at the moment, the colder temps should not be a problem.

Still need to figure out the front door as it is warped and leaks like crazy. Probably strip all the weather seal off it and put in new and hopefully that will help.

Guess I will finish organizing the living room and get the rest of the decorations up. Still haven't figured out what to do about the tree.

Finished with the foodie section of my shop for the time being and got a bunch of kitty cat designs up. Since none of those went on clothing, I was able to get things up pretty fast as the pics fit on most things pretty well and I only had to resize a few things using the templates CP provides.

Whipped up a very yummy dinner last night. We wanted beef and something, so we hit Winco and picked up 3 crowns of broccoli, some crimini mushrooms and a couple cans of water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. I cheated on the rice, I had a package of fried rice and rice pilaf and I mixed them together. They tasted pretty good mixed. So while that was cooking I chopped up the meat and broccoli and got everything else put together and then broke out the butane burner and a wok.

Started with the beef, then set that aside and tossed in the sliced mushrooms and once they were partway done, added the broccoli. I then tossed in the water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. When that was all ready I added the soy sauce/sesame oil/5 spice/minced garlic mix I had made up earlier and then when everything was hot, added the corn starch slurry. Thicken up quite nicely. Served over the rice and YUM!!!!!! Made a good lunch too:


I have to say, making it with fresh broccoli beats the frozen stir fry kits I usually buy. I have to remember to put rice wine vinegar on the shopping list, I was out and that would have added a nice touch to the sauce I made.

Not sure what I'm fixing for dinner tonight as yet, but it will probably be something involving pork loin. I still have potatoes, so make look at some kind of fry up of those as I have some rendered ham fat in the deep freeze I can use. Pity I used up all the mushrooms as those would be nice with the potatoes.
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