YAY!!! The week from hell is almost over!!!!!!

Between the weather and people dropping out sick, this has been a week I would like to see over. Things are not as bad as they were on Monday, but I've had better weeks.

Looking forward to the weekend, hopefully it will be nice enough to finish the outside work. We need to pick up some more plywood to close the deck in again for the winter. We also need to do a serious grocery shop, so we'll head down to Lewiston at some point.

It is time to start thinking turkey day. My mom and brother will be here this year, so that will be fun. I invited my friend J so we will have a full house for T-day dinner. I'll be doing the bird as usual and be spending the week running up to the big day getting a lot of the side dishes and desserts done a head of time. Hubby is also wanting ham, so I will bake one the day before and then have it sliced and ready for the next day.

We are going to make Keister sauce this weekend. We are getting together with our friend B and then we'll have enough for our family and hers.

I need to start cleaning out the freezers, I am going to need room for the turkey and the ham since I want to get them a head of time. I do have a lot of turkey stock from last year still, so I am going to condense it down and then pop it in the dehydrator so I can make powdered stock and then I can store it in the pantry for use.

Looks like I will no longer be buying any products from Melaleuca Inc, a company that makes a tea tree oil lotion I like. Seems the wife of the owner donated $100,000 to the Prop 8 campaign in California. Sorry, I will vote with my dollars and avoid companies that support denying people equal rights.

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