Sitting here, listening to Classic Vinyl on Sirius and drinking lemon tea with honey. Good way to start the morning.

So count down to turkey day has commenced. The bird was bought on Saturday and it in the fridge thawing. We also picked up a ham and I'll cook that tomorrow, along with Alton Brown's green bean casserole, tho I won't do the onion topping until Thursday so it will be crispy. I'm going to be shooting the bird up with my mead this year instead of wine. Should give it a nice flavor.

I'll do up the pies, mashed potatoes and the sweet potatoes today.

Mom arrived yesterday, we picked her up at the airport and took her to her hotel and then home for dinner. I'd popped a roast in the crock pot with some onions, seasonings and mushroom soup. Served it with a salad and stove top stuffing stuff. Made for a nice dinner. Not sure what we'll be doing tonight. Tomorrow will be some of the ham and something. May look at a scalloped potato dish of some sort.

Almost have the house cleaned. Still need to move the stuff from hubby's office out of the living room and back into the office, but that won't take too long. Need to move a bunch of stuff out to the shed. I got out on Sunday and straightened it up a bit and hauled some stuff out then. Finally got the other AC unit in, so that is done.

My brother arrives tomorrow, he is driving up from California. haven't' seen him in a few years, so will be nice to visit.

Time to start peeling potatoes!

ETA: The mashed potatoes are done, as is the brandied sweet potato casserole. I'll start the pies soon. I added some goat milk cheese to the mashed potatoes and it is a yummy addition.

Got more of the house cleaned, stuff out to the shed and laundry going. So all is going well.

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