It is almost 2am Friday morning and I can't sleep. I would have taken a sleeping pill, but even the short acting one makes me groggy in the morning.


So here I sit tweaking websites and drinking hot cocoa with the Scrapper cat snuggled up to me. I will toddle off in a few and see if the hot cocoa will do the trick and help me sleep.

The sites I have been working on are now up and running. The one is for Vandals for Firearms Education and Training and the other is for Aikido of Moscow. I'll be adding more content to both sites once I get more info and get some pictures and video.

Looking forward to range day this weekend, hope the weather holds. It is with VFET and I should have some good pics to add to the site next week. Probably will wait until the next range date to get video.

Okay, seriously yawning now, so time to toddle off.

nite nite every one.

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