Almost Friday and Halloween. Not sure if I am going to dress up tomorrow, I think maybe go with something understated and see if anyone notices hehehehehehe. We'll see.

Samhain is on Saturday, we are having a small gathering, just the coven and a few invited guests. We are simply too tired to go for the big open rit, esp when a number of people come just to gawk at the witches. It will be much nicer as a smaller rit anyways since we usually were too busy to making the show work to get any good woo woo out of it.

We never get any kids trick or treating, so won't bother laying in any supplies, tho I will probably get the skeleton flamingos re-positioned a bit more prominently on the front lawn.

My other Black Krim is almost ripe, so am really looking forward to haveing it. My seeds are about ready to be dried, so need to get those done soon. Still need to get my gardens winterized, may get to it this weekend.
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