It is officially fall, I put the inserts into the living room windows last night to keep the chill out. I'll have to wait a bit on the kitchen windows as I still have the tomato plants there and they need what ever sunshine they can get. The Black Krim is ripening up nicely and both plants are flowering to beat the band and I am seriously tempted to do a bit of hand pollination and see what happens. Be kinda cool if I can keep them producing thru the winter.

Watched both last weeks race and yesterday's race yesterday. I thought Talladega was going to give me a heart attack. I am so glad to hear that Denny Hamlin has been released from hospital this morning and is doing fine. I started crying when he crashed and they were taking so long to get him out of the car and when they played the audio from his radio and he wasn't answering. He did take a pretty hard lick into the wall (and thank goodness it was a safer barrier, a regular wall would have been very, very bad) so it is good they were being very careful.

I am rather bummed none of my guys did well at Talledega, that track just had it out for everyone. At least Jimmy is leading in the points.

Wet, rainy and windy all weekend, which bummed me out since I have a new toy I couldn't play with. Saturday we'd drove down to Lewiston and picked up a 2 qt paint sprayer with an 8 foot hose to attach to the compressor so I can start painting the trailer and shed and anything else my heart desires.

I did get one bag of onions sliced and either in the dehydrator or the freezer. I have another bag I need to process. I'll dry some more, freeze some and then pickle some. I really need to get to the cucumbers. I'm planning on doing garlic dill slices in the fridge. I may need to get a few more half gallon mason jars tho. I think TriState is carrying them on a more regular basis, have to check with them this week on that.

Didn't do much this weekend, the weather had me feeling a bit drained. I did get caught up on the dishes and managed to get a little FLYing done. Slowly but surely I'm getting the house decluttered and organized.

Finally got a lot of the photos on my Linux machine sorted and organized (more or less) and burned them to a DVD so I now have LOTS more room on my drive. Hubby still needs to get something working so I can access my windoze box from Linux so I can get all the photos on it transfered and burned. I also need to get all my designs and stuff for my shop onto one machine, organized, some designs tweaked and reloaded and then get those burned to DVD.
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