Finally Friday!!!!!

Tried watching the debate last night. I armed myself with the God Gun that shoots foam discs so I would have less chance of breaking the TV by throwing something at it and a couple of the Palin Bingo cards. Hubby got a couple of them also.

We didn't get home until 6:15, so got started on the debate late, so we just jumped in (forgot it was starting at 6pm our time and didn't set up the DVR to record) and immediately started crossing off squares on the cards. I figured I would end up i the bedroom watching Simpsons while hubby finished out the debate, but after 15-20 minutes of listening, hubby gave up in disgust. He kept yelling at her to answer the questions. Instead she recited her practiced speech and sound bites and never said anything of substance. At least Biden answered the questions and I think he is an idiot.

So I wasted 20 minutes of my life I will never get back listening to an idiot and a moron on TV. I only used the God Gun once, that was on Biden. If hubby hadn't switched to something else I was getting ready to unload everything left in the feed tube on Palin AND grab the big pill bottle with all the reloads. Thank goodness for foam ammo, I can't afford to buy a new TV.

Biden lost me completely when he stated he and Obama were willing to continue to treat gay Americans as 2nd class citizens and not allow them to marry. Don't give me the "but domestic partnership stuff is just as good" bullshit. NO IT IS NOT!!! It is "separate but equal" bullshit and we know how well THAT worked. Either let gay Americans have FULL equal rights so they can get married, or else the government needs to drop anything that says "married, marriage, husband and wife or spouse, etc" and change it ALL to domestic partnership language so EVERYONE is equal. People should NOT have to go thru legal BS to be acknowledged as family when straight couples who marry get it automatically.

That's it, I need to hire me the Dorsai so I can become Empress of the Universe and set this country back to where it needs to be.

Until then, this is how I feel:


This button BTW is for sale thru the political section of my Purple Ducky Designs shop.

I am giving serious consideration of writing in Teddy and Eleanor Roosevelt on the ballot. There isn't ANYONE who I am willing to vote for.

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