ACK!!!!! It is seriously Monday!

Had a heck of a time waking up this morning. I think hubby has a good idea of putting daylight bulbs in the florescent light fixture we have up in the bedroom and putting it on the timer for mornings. The little bulb in the stand lamp isn't cutting it. We picked up another fixture and we'll be putting it up in the living room so we can have plenty of daylight light in there.

Slowly getting the house decluttered. Picked up another couple of bins at Buy-Mart when we were down in Lewiston/CLarkston yesterday. I repacked all my Christmas stuff into one and several smaller bins and recycled the cardboard boxes I had them all in. The boxes wee getting pretty trashed and I was able to toss a whole bunch of stuff. Hubby checked some of my extra light stands and found a couple that were toast. We stripped the bulbs off and tossed the stands. Now I know all my lights will work when I decorate in a couple months.

Been busy with my shop. Almost had a Painted Turtle Flip Mino sold, but they changed their mind. Oh well, it is nice to see someone was actually interested in buying one of the high end products out of my shop. In the meantime sales of t-shirts and aprons have picked up. So I am slowly ticking along. Been adding more designs and photos to my shop and I think the more I add, the more my stuff will show up on the searches.

Not too bad of a weekend, tho entirely too short. Got a recycling run done yesterday on our way down to the valley. Hit Grocery Outlet, they didn't have the Fontina cheese we like, but they had a different Fontina cheese, so we picked up several of those. Did the Chinese buffet there, I like it as they have the Mongolian style BBQ, so I did beef and broccoli with the noodles. Quite yummy.

My one Brandywine tomato finally ripened, so I had it for lunch last week. Tasted really yummy in my toasted cheese sammie.

Brandywine tomato

Brandywine tomato

It didn't have a whole lot of seeds, but I saved what I had and have them fermenting at home. I also have some from Romas, the Black Russian and the Black Krim. They should be ready to finish rinsing off and drying them tonight and then I will be all set for this spring to get them started as early as possible.