Ticking down the week

Haven't gotten hardly anything done, except going to work and then home and crashing. I do need to get back into my FLYing routines and start getting back on top of things.

Found a 2nd little tomato on my Black Krim. Both tomato plants seem to like being in the kitchen windows, so I am hopeful they will start to ripen enough I will get some seeds out of them for next spring. I need to check my Sweet 100s and see if there are anymore ripe ones and I will see about getting seeds from them also. I'm giving serious thought of seeing if I can get one to go over the winter in the house. I will see about some greens and herbs, if I can figure out how to keep the kitties from decimating them like they usually do.

I do need to sit down and plan my garden for next year, not to mention get my spaces cleaned up before the weather gets too icky.
I have found a sorta local source for worms for my compost bin, there is a place in Camas WA that sells them and since we are looking at heading out that away in a couple months for a wedding, I'll see about stopping and getting some. Then I can get my worm bin up and running, finally. In the meantime it has just been a plain composter that I really need to get emptied at it is too full and stopped composting for the most part.

Did dinner at the Chinese buffet last night, so no leftovers for lunch today. Brought some chicken soup so that will have to do. I'll see about getting some chips from the vending machine to go with it. If I thought of it I should have grabbed some of the leftover pork from the other night, but I didn't have anything to go with it, so that will have to just be dinner tonight, not sure what I'll do for a side yet. I'd taken some meaty pork ribs and seasoned them with Chinese 5 spice and some toasted sesame dressing and baked them. Came out very yummy. I served those with penne pasta tossed with olive oil and Johnny's garlic Caesar. Those leftovers I had for lunch yesterday.

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