Okay, time to start posting regularly again

So the first couple weeks of school are over and things are starting to settle down.

Nicky is still on walkabout. J reminded me his brother Yellow Cat went walkabout all last summer before finally coming home, so we are still expecting the little snot to come sailing the the kitty window one of these days when it really starts getting cold. I just wish he'd send us an ETA so I can stop worrying.

The rest of the kitties are staying pretty close to home now that it is getting pretty chilly at night. I want to shut the kitty window at dark, but won't just yet.

Forgot to mention, a couple weeks ago we picked up a couple more fish for the aquarium. We didn't plan of more fish, we'd gone into Barnacle Bill's to pick up fish food and a new hood for the tank. We walked out with the aforementioned items, along with a new piece of furniture for the tank (a crashed space ship with two aliens looking at a map) and a pair of GloFish. They are the genetically modified Zebra Danios. Ours are the yellow ones. I want to go back when we can afford it (they are $7 a piece) and get a couple more of each of the other two colors. All the fish look really spiffy under the new hood, which came with a full spectrum bulb, so everyone's colors are really popping out nicely.

We popped down to Lewiston on Saturday for shopping. Hit Effie's and had the New Effie burger with the ham, sauteed onions and mushrooms. Very yummy, very messy and quite filling. Lewiston just had their rodeo parade, so Effie's was crowded and we sat at the counter and got to chat with Connie, who is a cool lady. The cook was hopping with all the orders and we could watch him cooking the burgers from where we sat. I, of course, whipped out the camera to snap a couple pics, which surprised the one server. But hubby explained I was attempting to make Effie's world famous and she smiled.

Here is some food porn:

New Effie burger

New Effie burger

New Effie burger

Sunday we went to San Miquel's on North Main for lunch:

Chips and salsa:

Chips & Salsa

Appetizer combo:

Appetizer combo plate

I opted for the shredded beef chimichanga this time:

Shredded beef chimivhanga

We ended up taking home leftovers, which made hubby a nice dinner later last night.

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