Almost Friday

This week has been ticking along not too badly. Hubby almost has my Linux machine back up and running, so I can use it to work on my CafePress shop. I've been slowly adding new designs, my latest is the photo of the rooster:


I have it on a number of items, including mugs, buttons and cards. I am still working on adding it to other items in my shop, clocks and keepsakes.

Had fun at the fair looking at the critters. Next year we'll see about going in the evening when the lights are prettiest and I can get some neat pictures. I'll also see about entering some photography and maybe some beer. We didn't stay long as it got too warm and we both started melting.

Kitty cats have decided they really need to bring their mice inside. This wouldn't be a problem if they were always dead, but they seem to think we really want live mice in the house. ACK!!!! Bad enough I find corpses in closets and under furniture, but this last weekend took the cake. I picked up the bag I usually take to work and noticed an icky odor. I had hubby check and he agreed it smelled and it wasn't my imagination. I dumped everything out and tried to figure out what was making it smell. I had some paper that had gotten wet the day before, but that shouldn't have been it. I realized my work keys were still in it, the lining is ripped and they fall in when I put them in the pocket. I reached in and hubby was my audience for my "OOOOO ICK!!!! AGGGGG!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!! ARGGHHH!!!!!!!" dance when I touched something furry and squishy.


I HATE finding mice that way and when I flipped it out, it was HUGE!!!! And very, very dead.

Not sure HOW it got there, not even sure how LONG it had been there, but I went thru most of a bottle of febreeze spraying down my bag and letting it sit outside before tossing it in the wash for a good long soak and a wash cycle. Now I have to find a place that kitties can't leave me prezzies in there or the mice can't crawl into.

Sunday got caught up on my races. Hubby and I were giggling all the way thru Sunday's race after Kyle Bush started having problems. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Karma is a bitch hehehehehehehehe. I am so glad someone other then him win, tho I wish it had been either Jeff, Jimmy or Jr. But there are still a few more races so they will have a chance.

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