AHHHhhhh, Friday

At last!!!! It has been a long week.

Forgot my tea this morning, luckily I had one cup before coming to work. I completely forgot to pour more to bring.

Doing lunch with hubby over at Smoky Mountain, looking forward to checking out the buffet. Hubby went Wednesday and said the onion soup was quite yummy.

Purple Ducky Designs is ticking along steadily. This month's biggest selling design is:


I've several other designs in the works and will be adding those over the next few weeks.

Brought in those two tomato plants, so hopefully the one tomato on each will ripen enough so I can get the seeds for next spring:

Containers of tomatoes

It is nice to walk up to them and breath deep, they have such a lovely tomatoie aroma to them. I'm giving serious thought of a small planter with lettuce greens in it for inside. I still plan on the green house, but some really at hand fresh greens would be wonderful.

We are hoping to get some fishing in this weekend, looks like we'll have some decent weather. I would like to get a few more fish in the freezer for this winter.

I also need to process the sweet onions we picked up a couple weeks ago. I will dry some and then slice and freeze some. A friend dropped of a whole LOT of cucumbers, so I see dehydrating and pickling of cucumbers this weekend also. I'll pickle some of the onions also.

Dinner last night was cubed pork loin with Italian seasonings. I added olive oil and white balsamic vinegar and let it simmer. I served it over tri-colored rotini. Very yummy, tho I need to add a bit more olive oil and balsamic next time.
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