The stitches are out (okay, I have to have on these plain stripes until they fall off instead of my way cute Hello Kitty band aids) and I can start weaning off the crutches. I've been hobbling around today with just one for the most part. I've also not needed to take a pain med this morning (so far, knock on wood).

The doc is please with my recovery so far and since I am doing well on my own, won't need to do any formal physical therapy. As is I've got almost full motion extended and bent with a little bit of pain. Which will go away as I recoup.


So I am minus part of my meniscus and have some arthritis in my knee (about 1/3 of the knee). The doc says to avoid high impact activities, which is not a problem since I'm not into those kinds of sports and activities. Biking, walking, swimming and such are fine. Just have to be careful getting in and out of the boat and avoid seriously steep slopes. So that one geocache on the Lewiston Grade is going to be out.

When it comes to gardening, I am going to work on raising the beds I have and add lots more containers to cut down on the amount of kneeling I do gardening.

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