Okay, let's see how this goes

Going for a full day of work. I've been feeling pretty good. Managed to get thru the whole day yesterday without even wanting a nap. Sat we went in for one, ended up watching Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2 and not sleeping. I love those movies. Hubby found a DVD with both of them on it at Target (we were in Spokane on Friday) for $10.

So, Friday we head up to Spokane for a bit of shopping. Hit Deleon's Market on Francis and picked up some REAL Coca Cola. They had some that is made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. In real bottles, so I grabbed 4 and will enjoy them. Also nabbed some of their flour tortillas, made on site. Very yummy, made some shredded pork with fajita seasoning and had that on the tortillas last night for dinner.

Also hit Bay Market out on Sprague, tho they had moved a few blocks east. Picked up a couple packets of soup bean paste and some shrimp chips. I'm looking at making an Asian style soup to have for breakfasts, still need to pick up some firm tofu and decide what else to have in it. The shrimp chips are the type you toss in hot oil and they poof up. I love them to death and they taste really good with hubby's Keister sauce (which we need to make a big batch of soon).

Hit Harbor Freight and that is a VERY dangerous store. Picked up a new compressor and some spray gun supplies and a few other odds and sods. Still need to get a bigger paint sprayer for it, I'm planning on using it for painting the boat and the trailer.

Speaking of trailers, we finally got the little utility trailer done. Before my surgery I went after it with some paint:

trailer after

I still need to finish the bottom, I'm taking the scheme all they way down and onto the tongue. Hubby got the lights wired onto it yesterday, tho when we did the dump run on Saturday he did a quick and dirty wiring. Now that the wires are in place I will hit those with paint so they blend in better. I've decided Da Boat is going to have a tiger stripe paint scheme hehehehehehe.

Saturday I popped a pork blade roast into the crock pot and let it cook. Just added a bit of water and no spices since I'd planned on using the pork for a couple different things. So Saturday night we had pork bagel sammies with shredded Tillamook medium cheddar cheese on them. Very yummy. As mentioned, last night I reheated the pork with some fajita seasoning for last nights dinner. Was thinking about bringing some of the leftover fajita pork for lunch, but decided to just have toasted bagel with cheese and tomato instead.

So today I am doing fine. Tried to see how long I could get thru work without a pain pill. 1/2 hour. Oh well, not bad. I can go short distances without the crutches, very handy at home where the crutches are a royal pain in the ass. My knee is healing up nicely:


I should be getting the stitches out this Thursday when I go in for my doctors appointment. Not sure if they will be having me do any rehab, as I mentioned, I've been getting around pretty well so far. I do need to start getting off the pain meds, I am starting to have out takes in my dreams and they are getting just to weird.

Didn't get out fishing this weekend, tho getting into and out of the boat is going to be interesting. Hubby is still trying to figure out why the trolling motor won't work on the low and medium speed settings. He picked up a new switch and at one point had it working, but then it stopped. So he's going to see what he can find online if he doesn't find a friend who knows about them first. Still need to get the big motor into the mechanic to have it worked on, but there is no real hurry on it. Speaking of boats, we picked up a couple life vests while we were up in Spokane, so we are now fully kitted for being out on the boat.

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