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Forgot to mention inthe last post we had lunch at Dick's Drive In in Spokane when we were up there on Friday. If you haven't ever experienced Dick's, I HIGHLY recommend it next time you are in Spokane and want some good eats from a nice little joint.

Dick's is a place that MUST be experienced and I have been experiencing it for quite a while. When they had InCon at a motel near by for a couple of years, I'd wander over to Dick's for some eats and then back to the Con.

Dick's doesn't have any inside seating, so you eat at one of the picnic tables that are outside or in your car. Sitting at the tables is fun since you get to watch the sorriest looking sparrows on earth looking for food. I should mention that most nutritionists would have a coronary if they thought about what people eat at Dick's.

Dick's is located on the corner of Division and 3rd and you can't miss the sign:

Dicks Drive In, Spokane WA

You walk up to the counter to order and they have a pretty good menu and really good prices:


Yes, that lists a shake for $1.45 and malts for $1.64. They have the best malts anywhere. The bar on the window cuts it off a bit, but their burgers are 87 cents. As I said, their prices are great.

One really neat thing is the counter people don't write down your order. I have yet to get a wrong order, even when we've ordered for a large group. I wish I had that kind of memory LOL.

So I ordered the Whammy:


with fries:

Whammy and Fries

The Whammy was delish. 2 patties, 2 cheese with ketchup, mustard and pickles, no onions (you can have it the way you like):


Hubby got some onion rings, so I had a few:

Onion rings

and he got tarter sauce which were good with the onion rings and very yummy with the fries:

Fries and tarter sauce

So give Dick's a try if you are ever in Spokane.

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