12:30 Sunday afternoon and it is already 88F and still climbing. Never cooled down at all last night. Thank the Ghodz for AC and fans.

Currently bug bombing the bedroom, hubby has seen a number of things with too many legs scuttling around and he thinks he has been getting bit. We'd considered the rest of the house, but with friends coming to visit with their wee one, decided we didn't have time to do so and have it safe for her. The bedroom is getting locked off when we aren't in their so the little one can't get in there unattended.

Our friends are arriving tomorrow and we need to finish cleaning, of course it is too hot to do so, so it is going to take some time.

Need to get the plywood down off the porch, it is holding in the heat, even if it is keeping the porch very shady. I want to pick up some bamboo shades for out there so we can have shade and breeze. Still need to get hubby's AC installed. With temps hitting close to 100F he is more then going to need it to survive.

Drove up to Spokane yesterday for some shopping. A bit pissed tho since our stimulus check still hasn't arrived. We got the letter saying it would be here Friday, but the website is saying next month. Hubby called the IRS and they said believe the letter, but I think they haven't a clue as to what they are doing. So we couldn't spend as much as we wanted to, esp at the World Market up on Division. A very dangerous store hehehehehe.

Did lunch at Golden Corral, they started serving dinner at 11am, so I have a very yummy steak with a baked potato and all the fixin's. They also have deep fried okra that is very yummy, even hubby liked it.

Gassed up in CDA and drove home. We'd planned on exploring some side roads on the way home, but the check engine light came on and wouldn't go off, so we came straight home. Hubby will have our mechanic check it tomorrow.

Starting to make sales thru Purple Ducky Designs. My biggest seller so far:


Mostly buttons and bumper stickers.

Friday we hit Spring Valley for an evening of fishing. We only came home with 6, most I caught and several smaller then I would have liked. I have just GOT to figure out how to keep the little buggers from swallowing the hooks so I can throw them back so they can get bigger. I prefer not to keep them if they are under 8 inches, even tho Spring Valley is designated a family friendly fishing spot and there are no minimum size limits. Oh well, they were still yummy dredges in flour seasoned with lemon herb Old Bay and fried up in butter and garlic.

While we were out we saw the osprey and the heron. We also saw a bald eagle!!!! Never saw one out there before and it was way cool. Unfortunately we couldn't get a decent picture and when he flew by, of course my camera wasn't turned on. I need to start remembering to take the video camera out also.

Okay. time to start puttering again.

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