I've survived, so far.

Had a nice visit with my mom and aunt. Saturday I fired up the Weber grill and frilled steaks and portabello mushrooms. Mom picked up fresh strawberries at Otto's and I made vanilla ice cream with strawberries chopped in. Very yummy.

Haven't heard from the ortho's office yet, I hope they call soon. This is getting seriously old.

Picked up a 6 pack of Sweet 100 seedlings from Otto's. I would have loved to have gotten a 6 pack of Oregon Sweets, but I could only get one or the other. I'll put 3 in the ground and 3 will go into containers. I have two buckets the same size and shape and I am going to make a self watering container out of them. It is big enough for one of the seedlings. The other two will go into regular containers for now.

I need to get some serious weeding done out back, but it is going to be a chore since I can't kneel to do it. I need to get a how so I can chop weeds without too much bending. Once I get the space mostly weeded I can get my other 3 seedlings in.

We tried watching the new Andromeda Strain miniseries, finally got both parts. It was awful. We watched a good chunk of it in fast forward after ripping things to shreds the first 20 minutes or so. When they got to the part explaining the wormhole they were studying, we gave up. Hit Movie Gallery, but they didn't have the original so we could get the images of the bad version out of our brains, so we rented Golden Compass instead. A very good movie. Can't wait until the next two movies come out. I'd also checked out Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp from the LSCS library and we watched that also. VERY good adaptation and I love the original play with Angela Landsbury and George Hearn.

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