Gack, it's Monday again!

Really didn't want to get up this morning, I am liking sleeping in several days in a row LOL.

Good weekend (douche bag troll infestation not withstanding) and at least it is now summer.

Didn't get out fishing at all, which was a bummer, hoped to go on Saturday, but it was too muggy and the weather was iffy. Finally deluged in the wee hours of Sunday. Of course we'd installed the new (to us) air conditioner in the bedroom. 10,000 BTUs and hopefully will keep that end of the house cooler. I wasn't able to get the board over it in the window completely sealed, so had a little water drip in, but luckily not too much. I'll finish sealing it as soon as I get some bathroom silicone stuff.

FINALLY got my upside down planters made and my last two Sweet 100s potted. Of course they went into transplant shock the next day and I did have to pour out half the potting soil to pull them further up into the container as they developed a pinch just below the hole. I am hoping they survive long enough to root above (or in this case, below) the pinch and set some good roots. Here are a couple of pics:

Sweet 100s

Sweet 100 in upside down pot

The rest of my transplants are doing nicely and are loving the fish poop water I give them.

Did Solstice circle yesterday, had a lovely time and it was good rit. I used my jo as a walking staff, I put a rubber foot on it, to hobble around on.

Thursday we hit Winco for their fried chicken dinner, so I made a yummy chicken salad Friday with the leftover chicken and spinach dip we'd picked up. Went nicely on the Hawaiian sweet rolls that come with the dinner:

chicken salad sandwich

Decided on a simple dinner last night, did steak and eggs. Had leftover steak, so brought that for lunch today along with some of the potato wedges from the chicken dinner. Will probably do some boxed chicken fettuccine stuff for dinner tonight.

I am anxiously awaiting Thursday to find out the results of my MRI,I really wish they didn't make a person wait so long. I hope I won't have to wait long afterwards to get my knee to stop hurting, this is getting really,really old.

Continuing to work on Purple Ducky Designs. I am putting the designs I currently have on more shirts, in different positions. So people can opt for a shirt with the design on the front center, pocket position or on the back. My newest body acceptance design is:

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