WOO HOOO!!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!!

And a 3 day weekend to boot.

Sat down and figured out my leave and what not and decided I am going to take every Friday off this summer, starting in June. I earn enough back that I won't be down too many days as I need to make sure I have enough for fall and winter holidays and some extra days off in November to attend a friend's wedding on the Oregon coast.

Gotta get my rear in gear tonight, my SIL and her boyfriend are stopping by this weekend on their way to Montana. Should be fun, they are bringing their dogs with them and my kitties are definitely not fond of dogs. They may move next door for the night.

We HAVE to do something about the swamp cooler on the roof, when the wind blows while it is raining, the &%^$ leaks. I may have to toss a whole slew of my Analog magazines that got damp. At least a couple have some mold on them WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll need to pull it and somehow get the hole in the roof covered and insulated. I would LOVE to install one of those tubes that bring sunlight into the hallway. IN the meantime we need to figure out how to get the blasted thing covered so we don't get anymore water leaking in.

The kitties have all been dosed for ticks so they should be good for a month. I did find another one crawling on me, we think it may have gotten on the sofa when it was still outside for the night. So that is going to get sprayed down. We want to bug bomb the house, but we need to figure out how to do it with the aquarium in there. Don't want to poison my fishies, I am rather attached to them.

Fingers crossed the weather guys are wrong and we get LOTS of sunshine this weekend. My lawn is in desperate need of mowing, I swear Phoebe got lost in the grass under the tree this morning.

TC and the Shadow kitten showed up last night for dinner, I was getting rather worried since I hadn't seen them in a while. But they came up and ate and looked to be in good shape, tho TC was thinner then I would like, but he was so overjoyed to get scritches I'm thinking he might have gotten locked in somewhere and hasn't had much to eat.

I have finally decided to harvest some of the rhubarb I have growing. I found a pie recipe that sounds pretty yummy, so will give that a try this weekend and see how it goes. I've never been fond of rhubarb and I may decide I still don't like it, but who knows. If it turns out okay I may look at harvesting as much as I can and stashing it in the freezer for future pies and maybe some rhubarb jam.

Hopefully we can go fishing on Monday, I've got my license so am all set. I think Ms Ella will go also, it has been a bit since her last adventure and she hasn't been fishing yet.
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