Okay, it appears posting is going to be sporadic this summer, just haven't felt like writing much.

So the weekend turned out pretty nice and we had a nice visit with my SIL and her boyfriend. As predicted, didn't see a whole lot of the kitties while the puppies were here. My SIL cut my hair shorter and it feels and looks a whole lot better.

Here is a pic of Jack and Maia:

Maia and Jack

Fixed spaghetti, salad and garlic bread for dinner, turned out yummy and didn't have much for leftovers. All in all, a nice visit. They headed out for his parent's place in Montana on Sunday.

Ended up not doing a whole heck of a lot the rest of the weekend, mostly napped. We did get the flagpole fixed and ran the flags up on Monday. We'd hoped to go fishing on Monday, but the wind was such it would have been miserable to try and fish.

Took yesterday off, hubby had a medical procedure and they don't like people driving themselves afterwards. Everything came out fine and they will have the biopsy results next week. He ended up sleeping most of the afternoon while I puttered and ran errands.

Today I have a doctor's appointment about my knee, the pain just isn't going away. I'm pretty sure it is just tendinitis and a good anti-inflammatory should to the trick.

My mom arrives today, still need a little bit more cleaning in the kitchen and living room, hopefully I'll have time when I get home from work. My aunt arrives tomorrow, we'll drive up to Spokane to pick her up at the airport.

I'll be grilling this weekend. My aunt never gets to do it at home, so she likes to buy the food and I'll d the cooking. Usually steak, grilled portabellos, salad (and with luck I'll have a few salad greens from the garden to toss into the mix), sweet corn. I pulled some milk and heavy cream out of the freezer as she requested homemade ice cream (reminds me to put the mixer bowl in the freezer). I'll probably do vanilla with chocolate chips.

Never did get the rhubarb picked and the pie made, maybe this weekend, will go nice with homemade ice cream.

Hubby wanted lasagna for dinner yesterday, so I made some. Grabbed the wrong white cheese tho, thought I was grabbing mozzarella, instead it was Monterey Jack. Made a very interesting dish. Next time I will add the Jack, but make sure I have mozzarella. A very cheesy dish.

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