I'm back, not quite dead yea LOL

Okay, finally blogging again, mentally took a vacation.

School ended on Friday, I took my final on Thursday and while I think I did okay on the multiple guess and the short answer questions, I think I blew the short essay big time. My brain just wouldn't function at that point and I couldn't come up with anything coherent (at least not to me). Oh well, as long as I did well enough to keep my B I am happy. I'm hoping at least I actually answered the question, even if I didn't write much.

Weather this last weekend was sucky, cold and windy so I didn't get ANYTHING done around the house outside. In fact it was a seriously low energy weekend. I am in desperate need to get more of the garden going and I don't like to work in icky weather. Makes me sleepy and loathe to do anything except catching up on the various races I had on the DVR (watched Talladega and Richmond, haven't watched Darlington as yet).

I have been plugging away at designs for my shop. My most recent designs are another on for my size acceptance section and the other two are for "Ladies of a certain age" hehehehehehe:




Been working on getting the house in order, managed to freecycle a few things, like the old lawn mower and another kitty litter box. I still have two litter boxes listed for offer, but so far no takers. I think I will gather up everything that isn't taken by this weekend and donate it to the Sally Ann. Last batch of things I took to charity went to Goodwill, so I want to spread thing around so everyone has a chance to make money off my old unwanted stuff.

Lawn is getting shaggy, it is about time to fire up the lawn mower and get cutting. Still need to get the blade sharpened and I do need to get a thatching blade. My lawn really needs it. I also need to figure out why the weed whacker we have doesn't want to run. May just need a new spark plug. I have to seriously tall and thick grass that needs to get chopped and the lawn mower won't do it without a serious mental breakdown.

I've been gathering up all the extra buckets and such to make planters out of so I can get some container gardening going. Still need to get my garden work area straightened up so I can work out there easier. We also need to finish rebuilding the trailer so I can see about loading up on compost, with what I have planned for my garden I am going to need LOTS of it and my little compost pile isn't going to be enough.
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