Oy! Thank the Goddess it's Friday!

Week is finally almost over. Been puttering a bit, got several more designs up in my shop and tweaking a website for someone (their previous website manager has neither the time nor means to do so and they are looking to put it elsewhere as is). I have a paper due in class on Monday, so will work on it this weekend.

Speaking of weekend, tomorrow is the Moscow CommUNITY Walk and I am taking Ms Ella (she was specially invited). I've borrowed a small kids wagon from a friend, so Ms Ella will not be subjected to the folding luggage rack for transportation. I'm going to drape it in something colorful and hubby has suggested one of the mag antennas from on top of the car, which would be good for tying bright ribbons on.

I'm just hoping my knee behaves itself. Spent half the night awake because of it (and I'd taken a sleeping pill!!!), darn thing feels like it is locked up. I've the cane today to help give it support (and I hate using the darned thing) and have decided naproxen (generic Aleve) isn't doing the trick anymore, so will just pop regular doses of acetaminophen as that seems to help a lot more. I will of course be taking a walking stick tomorrow. The one I got from The Stickman when I was up in CDA for the HBO Blogfest. It is a very nice stick and I will get lots of pics of it.

I finally got some seeds to plant, I am planting come hell or high water this weekend. I picked up some sugar snap peas,bush Blue Lake 274s, Bloomsdale long-standing spinach and a gourmet lettuce blend I like. I'm also going to seed some into containers I can keep around the yard to help expand my garden space.

Hubby drove up to Spokane today, he needed to get a few things at Harbour Freight (very dangerous store) and a friend needed to go up also, so he picked her up after dropping me off at work. Since she needed to go to a bead store, probably good I didn't go, I LOVE looking at beads (tho I'm not into beading, just love to play with the pretty pretties LOL).

Got a new gizmo for my photography, it is a Gorillapod from Joby:

My new Gorillapod

I LOVE it!!! One really nice thing is since we ordered it directly from Joby, I got it with yellow and black (most of the places on the net that sell them only sell the black and white ones) AND I got it a bit cheaper since I was able to get it without all the extraneous packaging (like that &%^$ plastic shell everything seems to come in now that is impossible to cut open without risk of losing fingers). We also got a 2nd clip so I can use it for my camcorder. One really cool thing about it is I can wrap the Gorillapod onto the top of my regular tripod and not have to fuss with attaching the tripod clip to things.

Not been too creative cooking of late, mostly the old standbys.Did pan fried chicken last night with fettuccine noodle stuff for a side. Make hush puppies (not real hush puppies, I didn't use cornmeal in the dredge, but they were still tasty) from the leftover dredge and had leftover fried chicken and hush puppies for lunch.
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