I dink I cot a colb


Bad enough I've been coughing for several days, my sinuses have kicked in and I am going thru kleenex like crazy and the sinus pressure is getting painful. Thankfully I carry a small pharmacy in my bag, but I don't have any thing for sinuses so acetaminophen will have to do for now.

Stifled some coughs during class, that was a big mistake. Thought I was going to explode. Managed to cough quietly and that took some of the pressure off, but it is times like this that I wish I sat in the back of the room. I sit up front, so making a mad dash for the door to cough is a bit noticeable.

Prof isn't done grading the tests, so still have no clue on how badly I screwed it up.

Sun is out and the snow is all gone. I was not a happy camper to discover I hadn't mis-heard the DJs on the radio this morning. I am so hoping the weather people are right about this weekend, I so want to get the house open and fresh air coming in. Supposed to be close to 60F and I so want it to be nice enough to play out side. Not too mention I need to get pics of Ms Ella and I want them outside in the sunshine. I plan on a setting up a section of my shop for Ms Ella pictures.

Speaking of Ms Ella, I am still in search of a little red wagon so taking her out and about is easier. Doesn't have to be red, just a kids wagon would be nice. We are doing the CommUNITY Walk again this year and having a wagon would be so much nicer, not to mention give extra cargo room for all the photography gear.

Keep hearing commercials on the radio for a new thrift shop. Seems Moscow is getting a Sally Ann (Salvation Army for those who aren't familiar with it). They keep saying it is going in the old Green's building on Jackson St, not sure where the building is, the only Green's building I know is Green's Cleaners and they are on Main. At least I think they are saying Green's building.But it will be nice to have another thrift store to shop at.