GAK! I think I flubbed my test

Not all of it, but several really simple questions. I think I got backwards on a couple of them, which immediately affected the answers to the questions following. There were only two questions I completely blanked on and I don't think I answered the short essay the way she wanted.


Oh well, as long as I keep a B in the class I will be happy (tho I really wanted to do well enough to bring it up to an A).


I've been coughing all weekend, it is getting very, very annoying.It is one of those coughs that makes you dizzy by the time you are done and while I don't feel like my lungs are completely full of fluid, I gurgle when I breath and I don't like that. Been sipping on cough syrup every chance I get and a co-worker gave me a cough drop for class so I was able to get thru that with the minimum of noise. Am tired since I wake up half the night coughing.

Weekend went too fast, we spent most of the day in Lewiston/Clarkston shopping. Picked up a few things here and there. We did splurge and get a hand held shower/rain head shower. We've been wanting a rain head shower head, but they are quite pricey. The two were the price of what we would have paid for just the head and since we needed to replace the hand held anyways, worked out. All brass construction and very little plastic, I am hoping this hand held lasts longer then the el cheapo ones we've been getting.

Studied, slept and didn't do much of anything yesterday. Finally figured out how to upload stuff from my shop to Google Base using a program written for CP shopkeeprs by another shop keeper. Hopefully it will help bring traffic by. Only had a couple of hits today.

Oh well, simple dinner tonight. I've a roast thawing in the fridge and I'll make some stove top stuffing stuff. Probably put the roast in the oven and then slice. Not sure if I'll do a steak neptune or not. Have to see what I feel like when the time comes.
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