Mmmmm, Friday at last

Tho it is trying to snow again. WAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! At least most of what fell yesterday is gone.

Finally finished the cake for B's wedding celebration tomorrow. I had to restrain myself to keep from chopping off a hunk, it smells so wonderfully chocolately, at least I had some frosting left over so I munch on some of that. My decorating abilities leave a LOT to be desired tho:

From scratch old fashioned chocolate cake

Those are supposed to be high heeled duck shoes, but I can't draw a straight line to save my life. Be interesting to see what the other cakes look like.

Today is Vandal Friday, so we've lots of high school kids running around campus. ROTC had a couple Army helicopters here for the day, they arrived last night. So of course hubby and I had to go see them and I got lots of pictures:

Apache helicopter

Apache helicopter

Sun thru rocket launcher

Black Hawk

Black Hawk

Going to check out the Slurp and Burp tonight, never been there, but our secretary is retiring as of today and that is where she wanted to have the farewell party. SO that gives us a good reason to go and check it out.

I hope to get more designs done this weekend, will try and work on a couple tonight after we get home and then as I can the rest of the weekend. I've been getting lots of hits to my shop, just need to have some of those hits buy something. But I will keep plugging away at new designs and advertising every where (and time hehehehe) I can.

TC and Shadow are showing up on a more regular basis, tho I usually only see Shadow as a blur. Luckily the other kitties don't do more then growl at TC, then again TC goes into submissive posture when Rum Tum and Scrapper are around, which seems odd to me since he is an intact male. But we are talking kitties and they like to change the rules on us silly humans whenever they get the chance.