Goddess, I could kill for something deep fried!

Must be feeling better, my appetite is coming back with a vengeance (tho I forwent my chicken soup at lunch and stuck with crackers. Soup did NOT sound good). I've giving serious consideration of hauling out the Fry Daddy when I get home and deep frying some chicken thighs. This is of course all subject to change depending on how I feel in a couple of hours, which may be back to nothing sounds good and I'll have some 7UP and hot tea.

Hubby made dinner last night, steak neptune and it was yummy, tho I had him make me a little portion as I knew I wasn't going to want a lot.

Didn't go to bed right away, had dinner, watched some TV and then crawled off. Watched some more telly in bed and then went to sleep. Managed to get some good sleep, woke up a few times, but rolled over and went right back to sleep. Weird dreams, not unusual. Really didn't want to get up this morning, but finally crawled out of bed. Sleeping kitties draped over my legs weren't helping matters much.

Hubby had several clients the last couple of days, so it looks like we can do a bit of shopping down at Costco. Am in great need of shredded and sliced cheese, since we are pretty much out of the former and mostly out of the latter. Have to look around and see who has good prices on corned beef tips (I prefer the tips over the flats, the tips have more fat and flavor) and see about laying in a few for some crockpot dinners. Hmmmmmm, I think I'll pick up some corn tortillas, feeling the need for fried tacos with lots of cheese and sour cream.

Will try to bake that cake this weekend if I can stay upright long enough.

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