One of my photos on Flickr is going to be a featured photo on NewWest Network - the Voice of the Rocky Mountains tomorrow!!!! So check the site Feb 5 to see which one they picked.

WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!

They are expecting another little storm tonight, I hope it fizzles, I am SOOOOOO sick of the snow now. I want to start getting ready for garden season and the snow is not helping. They are predicting warmer weather this weekend and some rain. I hope it doesn't melt the snow TOO fast, flooding is not fun.

After seeing how much snow is built up in the space behind the deck I am really regretting not getting the greenhouse built. EVERYTHING is covered in snow. I'll have to get out this weekend and clear what I can.

Let The Clone (TC) out this morning with the rest of the kitties who wanted out. He hung around on the porch. I put food out so everyone has some. Soon it will be time to let the Shadow kitten out, just have to get a hold of him. TC seems to have gotten over his fright of the TV, he at least stop bolting out of the room when ever he noticed the screen, so that is a good sign. Shadow kitten comes out and stares at us once in a while and was hanging out on the kitty condo Saturday night in the penthouse.

We made it to Lewiston yesterday, it was soooo nice to wander around in tennis shoes and not boots. Once we got down there I'd switched out of the boots. There was no snow and it was relatively warm. Coming back we did run into fog and blowing snow, so that made the drive home interesting. Got LOTS of pics to and from.

Picked up sliced and shredded cheese, bisquick and olive oil at Costco, along with some business stuff for hubby. First time in a while we didn't pick up any meat, but I still have lots in the deep freeze, so no need. Did lunch at the Super China in Lewiston and filled up the gas tank at Costco.

Tried to finish the one assignment for class, still can't get my brain wrapped around the rules, so that one I'll slide on. The other on will make up for it. Got 36 out of 40 on the one from last week, so taking a zero on this one won't hurt since she is dropping the lowest 2 scores on the assignments.
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