I can't believe I am actually looking forward to going back to work on Monday LOL. If one is going to be snow bound, it helps to have a MUCH bigger house hehehehehehe.

Saw the Shadow kitten last night, he came out for a while. He even got within 3 feet of me when he spotted the aquarium and ran up to see what was moving around, then he spotted me and took off. The Clone is going fin, but I have NEVER seen a cat who was terrified of the TV. He'd come in to the living room from the kitchen and start towards us, then looks up, sees the TV screen and ZIP! back into the kitchen he goes.

I tried an experiment, I covered the screen with a coat, but kept the sound on and that doesn't bother him. Just the screen with the picture moving. Very, very strange.

We are going to attempt a Costco run tomorrow, weather permitting. We need to get out and about. We went to Pullman yesterday, needed to hit Shopko for a kitchen garbage can (the lid on the old one broke) and to check for a couple other things. Didn't find the can we wanted, so hit Ace Hardware, found a very nice one. A Rubbermaid. Then back to Moscow to hit Winco for Nacho Grande ingredients, had that for dinner:


When we were in Shopko, saw they had a coffee urn on sale, so we grabbed it. 30 cup model. Using it for tea, we are going thru it like crazy. Still working out how many tea bags will get a good tea, yesterday I filled it to 24 cups, used 5 pomegranate herb tea bags and it was quite tasty. Have to see if they have decafe black tea in bulk and then I can add a couple of flavored ones as they are a bit more expensive then plain tea.

Saw some quail in the horse enclosure when we got home yesterday:


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