A lovely and fun evening

As mentioned, I had a date with hubby for dinner and a play. We had dinner at San Miguel's and it was very good. Our entrees came out about the same time as our appetizer tray, but we didn't mind, everything was delish.

The appetizer tray had flautas, taquitos and quesadillas with chips covered in cheese. Hubby got one of their signature burritos, not sure what meat he had. I think it was one of the beef choices. I had the vegetarian enchiladas with spinach, cheese and mushrooms. Totally to die for. For dessert we had flan.


Hubby also surprised me with a prezzie. When he picked me up there was a package in the front seat and me thinking not much on it, put it in back. I figured we could see what it was later. He hauled it into the restaurant with us, muttering something about me trying to be more female sometimes LOL So I open it up to find a salt cellar in the box. My sweetie found a salt cellar kinda like the one Alton Brown has (but not he same one) that goes wonderfully well in my kitchen. It is chrome and glass (plexi I think). So now I don't have to keep my kosher salt in a philly cream cheese container, which was falling apart anyways.

So off to the play we went. We'd bought our tickets the night before, so we just went right on in, which was good as the wind was still blowing and it was quite chilly out there. Found a couple seats and sat down.

While people were coming in they were running a looped video asking several people some of the questions from the play, such as "if your vagina could talk, what would it say?" and "what would you vagina wear?".

The play was late starting, but people just kept coming in. If they weren't sold out for the evening, they were pretty darned close. I think they even had people seated in the balcony.

The play finally started and I seriously recommend anyone attending bring LOTS of tissues. When I wasn't laughing and almost peeing my pants, I was sniffling and crying. I also was regretting not bringing my inhaler (didn't bring in my purse) as I dang near stopped breathing during the segments with the young lady reclaiming the word "cunt" and the monologue with the female dominatrix.

At one point during the monologue of the Bosnian woman I was just this side of drawing down a major Goddess such as Kali or any of the other very bloodthirsty Goddesses and hinting down all the animals who did those things to her and all the other women. That monologue was VERY powerful.

All in all, I had a wonderful time. They had run a contest to have a couple of monologues about women from a male point of view were beautifully poignant and the 2nd one had me in tears again. We've been trying to see this play for years now. We usually found out about it after the fact or too late to get tickets. Hubby was driving down Main St the other day and saw the marque, gave me a call and I went in search of who had tickets.

I really love that they saved the Kenworthy and fixed it up. It is a space that is wonderful for movies and plays and would be a loss to Moscow if it ever closes.