I'm so friggin' exhausted

and I don't know why. Could be I haven't had any caffeine today, tried a sip of the coffee I fixed for hubby and even with the mocha mix I put in it didn't taste good. So I have been sipping herbal tea all morning. Good tea tho, Pomegranate Passion from Bigalow Tea.

The snow has started again, they are talking 2-4" during the day and possible accumulation of 1-3" over night.


As long as it isn't like last Thursday it should be okay.

Reminder, check out New West to see which pic of mine they are featuring on their front page today. (ETA: Seems it has rotated off the front page, tho they now have the yesterday's pic up again, not sure why, but check out their gallery to see my pic)

Lunch today is toasted cheese sammies, going to try the yellow Costco sliced cheese. I loved the sliced Swiss, so this should be good too. Just gotta wait for the toaster oven to ding.


This is the time I wish I had some nice fresh ripe tomatoes to slice into my sandwich. Add some avocado and YUMMMM!!!!!! Oh well, have to wait until tomato season when I can pick my own off the vine. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to spring and being able to start planting.

I brought TC back in this morning so I could be sure he got fresh water and then I let him back outside for the day. I'm hoping he'll come in tonight. Shadow is appearing a bit more, tho briefly. This morning Phoebe was chasing him, tho there was no kissing or growling I could hear. She chased him into the kitchen where he ran into my feet and headed back the way he came, then onto the couch and under the love seat. Phoebe's tail was poofed, so it wasn't a completely friendly game of tag, but I don't think she was being mean. Mostly likely letting him know she is top kitty (so she thinks) in the house. Weather is supposed to be better (warmer and rain) by this weekend, so I think we can see about letting Shadow back outside.