Halfway mark

The week is going by fast, which is good as this Saturday is the Huckleberries Online Blogfest up in Coeur d'Alene. I finally will get to see some of the folk I know on that blog face to face. It will be so cool. I even got the unofficial T-shirt one of the other bloggers who hang out there designed and put on Cafe Press. Just gotta write my name in the space.

We are going to go up early so we can hit the new Cabala's in Post Falls and then stop by one the home of one of the other denizen's of HBO. He is called The Stickman and makes walking sticks for people from sticks he finds while out and about. Then it is off to the meet and greet for an afternoon of pizza and friends.

Is it Saturday yet? LOL

So waiting for my lunch to ding, toasted cheese sammies with sliced turkey breast. I'm now wishing I'd brought the other half of the avocado I had last night with my wraps we had for dinner. Oh well, that means I have a nice treat for when I get home from work tonight.

Been working on the hubby's web page, looking good. We have a friend who is doing his business cards and I hope she can come up with a page banner that looks like the one she put on his cards. It is pretty cool. I've also started re-doing my own web page, which I haven't really touched in a couple of years. I wanted to re-do it using CSS, but I still haven't gotten my brain wrapped around it, so am just going with straight HTML.

I've got my first test in my class on Friday, so will have to finish catching up on the reading and just go over the study guide. I am rather bummed she didn't hand back the homework we'd turned in on Monday. I know I got it wrong, I need to know where I got it wrong so I can at least get it right on the exam. She did hand out a practice sheet with all the stuff we've done on homework, so I can use that since she also handed out the answer key with it. I know what I will be doing tonight.

I can see LOTS more of my lawn, the snow is melting off nicely. The river in one spot is getting close to the top of the bank. It is really cool as it is still frozen over. Too cold today, that wind was icky coming back from class, even with my vest and my coat on.
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