On to a more pleasant subject

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

For a short week it has been long, working the two late shifts made it seem so, there isn't enough work to keep one occupied when you don't have access to one's work computer and there are next to no students most of the night.

Lunch is cooling, a couple of toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. We'll have to make a trip to Costco soon, we are running low on cheese. Will consider the yellow cheese next.

Currently reading Diane Mott Davidson's newest book "sweet Revenge", I really LOVE her mystery series with Goldy Schultz, who is a caterer. She always includes recipes for foods she makes in the books and has a recipe for a cheese pie that uses cheddar and Gruyer. Last book had a recipe for a gorgonzola dish I need to go back and copy out and next time we are at Costco, pick up what I need and give them a try. I do have to see if we have the rest of her books, I think I am missing a couple that are alluded to in the current book.

Frederick Russell, the slime who got drink, killed 3 people, seriously injured 3 others, cried and whined and buggered off to Ireland and had his ass hauled back home has been sentenced to the max for his crimes, a bit over 14 years AND no time off for all the time he sat in jail in Ireland. YAY!!!!!!!! Of course he and his fmaily will whine and appeal, but his ass is where it should have been all this time.

Weather is warm today, 40F and drizzling :( Snow is melting off fairly rapidly, at least where it was thinnest on the ground. At least I will be able to find the MIA Devil Ducky that Rum Tum managed to bury in the snow the other day.

Well, lunch is cool enough, so onward ho :)

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