Since we had company last night and I didn't feel like cooking, we picked up a Papa Murphy's Big Murphy stuffed pizza, so lunch today is leftovers.

Watched movies last night, one being Vault of Horror from 1973. Nothing like classic waiting room horror tales.

Hubby finally got my fire wire card in, so I downloaded my video camera and edited the lasagna video. It is now posted on YouTube and on my kitchen blog. I'll finish the other videos this weekend. Thank goodness YouTube has the alternative upload method, I hate having to split my vids into 100mg pieces to get them up and running.

Finally got the tree down, will look at hauling it off to the recyclers soon. Same with all the recycling.

Have to buy my book this weekend for class so I can start getting the readings done. Still not used to such a short class time.

Hubby sent me a link to a movie we have GOT to see Black Sheep. I watched the trailer and the lyrics to Tom Smith's filk Sheep Marketing Ploy (the Ballad of Fenton) started running thru my brain LOL. I odn't know why, but they did hehehehe.

Raining out today, so our snow is melting, blech! Got an email from my mom yesterday, a tornado touched down just a little ways from her in Vancouver WA.


Tornados aren't supposed to happen in our neck of the woods. As long as they stay away from my house. As Johnny Fever once said "God hates trailer parks". Luckily we are above flood stage, so we won't worry about floating away, tho we might loose the bridge if flooding gets bad. Been close a couple times, but it held.

Still plugging away at sorting photos, finally found the ones my mom sent, all the old family ones. For some reason I thought they were in a big envelope. Nope, try two photo albums. D'OH!!!!!! So I will work on getting those scanned soon. Got a lot of me as a toddler that I hadn't seen before. Haven't come across the one of me under my toy baby carriage fixing it (got a little set of tools one Christmas), that was a cute one. I've always been one to attempt to fix things myself first (granted I couldn't guarantee I would get the item back together tho LOL), but a withering female faced with simple car stuff I am not.

Once I get everything sorted and scanned, we'll burn them all to CD so we have better storage for everything.