So far, so good!

We had snow for Yule! With luck we will still have some snow for Christmas. It is still out there, but warm temps and some rain is making it iffy. It is VERY icy out there.

Heading down to Lewiston today to visit friends and get gas. It is $2.90 a gal out on the rez, where as it is still $3.19 here. Needless to say, it is getting worth it to drive to Lewiston just for gas. We avoid gassing up up here at all possible, maybe putting just enough in to get us down the hill.

Change of plans for Xmas day dinner, we got invited to some friends, so I cut up the rib roast and stashed the two halves in the freezer. They will be Sunday dinners later in the year. We also picked up a ham on Friday, not sure when I will cook it, probably Thrursday or Friday and then we an have have for meals the next couple of weeks.

Decided to use the frozen ground bison for the lasagna I am making for New Year's dinner. I'll make it on Saturday and then let it rest and meld in the fridge so the flavors will blend (and most importanly I won't have to be doing much cooking New Year's Eve). Just pop it in the ovenbk. I'll look at making some bread to go with it also. I do need to restart my sourdough starter.

I'm at 499 pics on my Flickr account, have to think real hard which pic I will post as my 500th. Finally got all the vid downloaded off the camera, but the bit with the Great Blue Heron and train I took at the Nez Perce park didn't come thru properly, the video I'd taped over bled thru. WAAHHH!!!!!!!! I was great footage of the heron to. sniff!

Well, time to putter.

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