Happy New Year's Eve day!

It is sunny out, the wind has stopped and the lasagna is in the fridge awaiting baking later tonight. I made it yesterday, using the ground bison and OH MY GHODZ! the sauce was to die for, I have never tasted such a meaty sauce in my life. We'll have to invest in ground bison a bit more often. I so can't wait until tonight when I can taste how the whole thing came out. I taped the sessions, so that will go up on YouTube in the next day or two.

I've got everything I need to make zucchini bread. I am going to take a couple loaves to work on Wed to share with people. I am going to make one regular loaf and one chocolate loaf. I will make those tomorrow, just need to pull the shredded zucchini out of the deep freeze to start thawing int he fridge.

I am getting an incredible urge to make pasties. It is all the fault of the people on my preserving food list, so I think I will make some today (even tho I had resolved not to do any cooking today), but I think it will make a very nice lunch and I'll make enough for my dinner breaks at work on Wed and Thurs. I have to work 1-10pm both days. Pasties will be perfect.

We got snowed in yesterday. Hubby went to go to a clients and discovered that even tho they plowed, the winds had blown the snow back over the road and he couldn't get thru, mostly because of the poor guy who was stuck in one of the drifts and was trying to dig himself out. Hubby called the county, who said it would be 3-4 hours before they could get someone out to plow. Loverly :P Oh well, he rescheduled and I hunkered in. They finally did get things cleared, but I wasn't going to be stirred from my nice warm cozy house, esp since the winds were still blowing. They were bad enough hwy 195 south of Pullman was closed and was still closed this morning, mostly because of the stuck snow plow and one of the state routes from Colfax to the Idaho state line was still closed this morning because of the drifts.

Well, time to start puttering, will write more later today.