Hubby just called a little while ago to say the ex-pawn shop on the Troy Hwy here in Moscow that has been in the process of being remodeled has a sign out front saying it is a BBQ joint.

Be still my racing heart!

Fingers crossed it will be the real thing, the one thing the area needs is a real BBQ place.

Will report further once I get more info. It's been so long since I've had REAL BBQ I've almost forgotten what it tastes like LOL. Everytime I watch a BBQ special on the Food Network I seriously consider packing up the car and driving cross country to anyplace in the South that has a BBQ joint. Lusious, smoky, yummy chunks of slow bbq'd animal pieces, cooked wet or dry, lovely side dishes to complement said bbq'd animal parts MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Oh great, now I'm starving LOL.

In other news it is snowing lightly and is supposed to get real cold again tonight. I hope I can get the Scrapper cat in, haven't seen him for a few days. Rum Tum went out and was sitting in the driveway looking like he was waiting for the snow to pile up hehehehehe.

Got creative last night. I was going to use the leftover chicken from the other night to make something for dinner, but hubby was still craving orange chicken, so I pulled out the last of the chicken thighs, defrosted them and cut them into chunks. I looked up a recipe for orange chicken on the web since we can't seem to find the packet stuff we are pretty sure we'd gotten before, but can't remember where. Considering I was lacking about half the ingredients, it turned out pretty good. I'll go into detail over on my food blog. I gotta start remembering to take pics.