YAY!!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Finally and it is a nice day out. Currently 26F and sunny. The car was a bit frosted this morning, but the frost was soft, so scrapping the windows wasn't bad and the defroster did the rest.

Scrapper cat showed up for breakfast this morning. Hubby had seen him previously to feed him, but I hadn't. His left ear is a bit chewed up so he got into it with someone. SIGH! Well, with luck we can get him edited soon and half that problem will go away.

Hubby was craving orange chicken last night, so we hit Winco to see what we could find. Not seasoning packets or bottles of orange sauce, so we picked up a General Tsao's seasoning packet. No gluten in the packet, I used GF flour, but unfortunately the soy sauce I had at home contains wheat. Okay, thinks I, I only need 3 tbs, shouldn't be a problem.


Spent most of the evening with a bloated tummy and not feeling that great. The chicken was to die for, tho a little bit more spicy then I normally eat (and LOTS more spicy then hubby eats), but a little milk to sip helped cut the heat.

So I definately have some data to take to the new doc to see about getting my food allergies/intolerances tested properly to see what is what. The pain in my knees is definately reduced and I've gone back to wearing my sneakers.

FLYing is getting easier, even if I don't get one day's dishes done that night, I can get them done while cooking dinner the next night AND wash the stuff as I use it. So my sink has been pretty shiny every night and that makes walking out into the kitchen the next morning so much nicer. The kitchen is looking better also, tho I still have a few spots that need work. The fridge is slowly getting cleaned out, I've come across a few containers that launched dialogues about independence LOL. Landry is getting caught up also. I do need to work on cleaning up the bedroom again, I turned my back and it is clutter city. My toes would appreciate it getting cleaned.

With the weather getting so nice I'm really getting the gardening bug. I've got to figure a way to get something going. If the snow is sufficiently gone from the one garden spot, I think I will sow some spinach seeds and put the top on the cold frame and see how things go this weekend. Just need to get someone to help me move the top over. I do want to get some tomatos going early as soon as I can, along with bell peppers and anything else I can think of.