Finished taking the tree down today, most of the decorations are put away with the exception of a couple strands of lights and the Crone's santa hat and garland boa. Keep some sparklies up for a while longer. The tree I hauled out still in the stand and parked it in front of the car. I may consider sticking it in the yard, since it is cold enough it will stay green for a while and it would be nice to have a green tree out there until it is time to take it to the compost.

Hauled in the sewing table, need to see about a bit of modifications to it to fit my sewing machine, but it is usable as is. I figure if I have the sewing machine out and visible I will actually use it LOL. I managed to get two pairs of sweats for hubby repaired, a pair of my good pants and a satiny coverup for me. Still have a bit of mending and hemming to do.

Picked up a couple pizzas from Pizza Perfection, got their take out special, buy 1 get 1 free. So we ate pizza and drank ourselves silly last night. Rum and cola.

Watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman last night. Very sweet movie, but I see where the critics were right about it not translating too well to the big screen. I'd love to see the original play. Looking forward to seeing more of Tyler Perry's work.

Managed to get a load of laundry done today, still have to put it away. New school year starts Monday, so I should hopefully be back on my routines by then. Planning on adding a hour after work 3 times a week for doing either tai chi or belly dancing. I have DVD and tapes for both. I'll start with the belly dancing since I am still waiting for hubby to convert my tape to DVD as we don't have a tape machine in the living room anymore and I don't feel like trying to do it in the bedroom, there isn't THAT much room in there.

Dinner tonight will be burgers and fries. I love the pre-made hamburger patties, they do come in handy.

Got above freezing today, so all the snow melted off the roof, tho the temp is rapidly dropping now and I suspect it will be an ice rink out side soon. I popped the insert on the window overlooking the porch to let more light in. Was nice, tho I should be seeing about putting it back in and closing the blinds in the kitchen. It was pretty windy thru the night, but not much got blown off the porch, actually nothing left the porch tho some empty boxes got rearranged out there and one garbage can got knocked over and the lid off the other one travled a couple of feet. We're still in a wind advisory according to the National Weather Service. They are also predicting chance of more snow tonight and tomorrow. It is supposed to be getting pretty cold next week. ICK, I hate cold.

Time to putter off an get dinner going and to see if I can catch the local news.